Originals Jacket

38 000 kr.

svartbysvart originals

 unisex fashion tailored in Reykjavik

a stunning and eye-catching jacket made with 100% sustainable linen. Wide, over-sized sleeves, and unique pleat details in the front.


100% linen* (240 g/m²)

*Linen is a fabric, made out of flax plant fibers. The flax plant grows world-wide and is also extremely versatile, meaning every part of the flax plant is used and nothing is wasted. It requires 13 times less pesticides than potatoes, and grows at a very fast rate. As a result, linen is considered one of the most sustainable fabrics. It is three times stronger than cotton, dries at a much faster rate, and is also naturally anti-bacterial.

Zipper length:
Small  : 60 cm
Medium : 70 cm
Large/X-Large : 80 cm

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