Svartbysvart is a Reykjavík based fashion brand creating fully unisex clothing and accessories,
all individually hand made by artist Marko Svart.

All the designs for my pieces come from a deep emotional or scientific internal perception,
and are not rooted in trends or the commercial fashion scene.
Every piece created is a personal journey all the way from idea to product. 

Sustainability is our main concern and responsibility.
All our products are made using either organic or renewed materials and produced in very limited quantities.
We never want to produce more than we can sell, and we never want to sell more than we can produce. 

Aesthetically we fuse Scandinavian melancholy with Finnish/Japanese characteristics of minimalism and form. 

new physical pop up shop in reykjavik!

six months after I closing down our beloved shop on Týsgata, I found myself craving something new .
I found a beautiful space on Klapparstígur, called up some of my creator friends, and just like that, I was on the way to creating a brand new temporary shop, something different, but with a similar true-to-me vibe of the old Svartbysvart.

The new shop – Svartbysvart & Friends – is a unique and cozy creative space, offering genuine quality design by independent local designers.

svartbysvart & friends
klapparstígur 29, reykjavík 101
(+354) 767 81 71

opening hours:
monday-sunday 12-18

previous shop

about the artist

Marko Svart is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Reykjavik.

His work range includes performance, conceptual art, installation, fashion design, film and music.

In his art, Svart is often working with recurring themes of:
Expressionism, catharsis, psychoanalysis & cognitive dissonance, conflict ambivalence, Nordic melancholy, cultural exploration about artistry, as well as philosophies of life/death.

He often plays with the idea of art affecting the  artist, instead of the other way around.

Striving to use his broad range of skills and different Nordic homes, Svart creates a unique and personal form of art, constantly challenging himself and examining the relationship between art, the artist and the audience.

“For me, creating and artistry is a whole existence and I believe in the importance of using art for personal, internal exploration as a creator and human.”

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common questions answered by the artist
do you have a question we should include here? message us at marko@markosvart.com

are all your items really unisex?

yes! every single item i create is fully unisex. i am not trying to break any norms or boundaries, and i am not against masculinity or femininity. I just knew since the beginning that i wanted to create unique pieces that will fit any gender. 

where are your items produced?

All our items are individually made by us in our reykjavik atelier and we do not have any production anywhere else. i believe in giving the customer something which has soul and meaning, instead of something which is mass-produced or made without effort.
the same goes for all the designs and patterns too.

how do you ensure your sustainability?

sustainability is our main concern and responsibility.
All our items are made locally by us.
We always strive to use eco-friendly, natural, organic and/or recycled materials for our products.
most of our products are made to order and we never produce more quantity than necessary.
all the fur and leather in our products is 100% upcycled.
we avoid aesthetic trends, and only make timeless pieces.

can i order custom pieces from you?

yes! we create custom pieces for any occasion or client. 
just send us an email at marko@markosvart.com

i am unsure what size to get. What can i do?

since most of our items are made to order, you can simply type in your measurements during checkout and get a custom-tailored piece (for no extra cost)

what is the main inspiration behind your work?

I tend to limit the outside inspiration for my work. humans are often overwhelmed with information and looking for inspiration feels excessive to me. i prefer to find internal inspiration from my thoughts, ideas or emotions.
having said that, i do aesthetically relate to nordic minimalism and its similarity to japanese form. 
and as you probably can tell, the ocean inspires me a lot.

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