About the artist:

Marko Svart is a Swedish/Finnish artist and designer focusing on unisex ready to wear clothes and accessories under the label SVARTbySvart. Currently based in Reykjavík Iceland, his work has a distinct Scandinavian tone, collecting ideas and characteristics from his different homes and mixing them together with his intricate imagination and creativity.

Reykjavík shop:

The first physical Svartbysvart shop opened in May of 2019 in collaboration with Momo Hayashi. It has since then developed into a notable spot in the Reykjavik shopping culture, and has been featured in several magazines and books in Iceland and Japan.
The location on Týsgata 1 is a perfect place, right at the corner of the famous design street Skólavörðustígur leading to the church, and with no doubt a place we will stay in for long…

“The shop on Týsgata is beautiful and inviting, with a bright blue wall behind the counter and simple wooden furniture—all handmade by the owners themselves. In fact, every single item in the shop was made by them, from the racks of hand-stitched minimalist clothing to postcards, marine-inspired jewellery and slightly surprising stuffed whales. But even the whales represent the minimum-waste ethos of the brand: they’re made from leftover scraps of material, in the spirit of the ‘slow fashion’ movement.”

-Josie Gaitens, Reykjavík Grapevine (full article here)

We strive to offer our clients innovative local quality design, hand made and tailored from scratch. There are plenty of “Icelandic” stores downtown, with vastly insincere products, shipped here from across the world. We want to be genuine, we want to be something REAL.
M. Svart

All products ordered from www.markosvart.com are handmade by the artist.

Marko Svart also offers custom designed pieces for all types of clients.

For more information and pricing, please contact :
Marko Svart