Originals Kimono

32 000 kr.

svartbysvart originals


kimono-style coat made with 100% sustainable linen. front pockets and pleated back detail.
The ribbon can be conveniently tied either in the front or back, which allows you to change up your style and customize your look.


100% linen* (240 g/m²)

*Linen is a fabric made out of flax plant fibers. The flax plant is grown world-wide and is also extremely versatile, meaning every part of the flax plant is used and nothing is wasted. It requires 13 times less pesticides than potatoes, and grows at a very fast rate. As a result, linen is considered one of the most sustainable fabrics. It is three times stronger than cotton, dries at a much faster rate, and is also naturally anti-bacterial.



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