exhibited at designmarch reykjavík 2021 // part 2 coming in 2023!

Inspired by Finnish mythology, Yomigæri is a collaboration between marko svart and ceramist Jarkko Kinnunen, creating a line of ceramic jewelry and pottery using only Icelandic natural ingredients, as well as a collection of unisex clothing, dyed with rust and waste materials.

よみがえる 甦る [yomigaeri]
1〈生き返る〉 be brought (back) to life [to one’s senses]; revive; rise from the dead; spring to life again
2〈元に戻る〉come back 記憶をよみがえらせるrecall [get back] one’s memories

Yomigæri is about giving new life to waste materials, reviving forgotten memories of our ancestors, and contemporizing bygone techniques to create a sustainable and genuine approach to ceramic and fashion production.

the exhibition


The clothing for Yomigæri were inspired by a dress a woman from Eura was buried in, around the year 1000.
All we know about the woman is based on archaeological findings and the dress was the first ancient Finnish dress that was fully reconstructed.
We even know the colorants used to dye it because of the fragments of fabric that were conserved by the copper rust from the decorations and jewellery on it.
She was clearly a woman of high social status as evidenced by the abundance of jewellery and expensive pigments, like indigo imported from Asia.

made out of 100% icelandic clay

kiputyttö ceramic jewelry

In Finnish mythology, Kiputyttö (The Pain Girl) is a goddess of pain and illness.

She is the daughter of Tuoni and Tuonetar, the gods of the Finnish underworld, and is also known as “Tuonentytti”, the girl of Tuoni.

She is said to have a stone (kipukivi) with nine holes, which she uses to create pain. In ancient Finnish spells, you pray for her to remove your pains, putting them back into her stone, chanting:

“Ei kivi kipuja itke, paasi vaivoja valita”

which means
“The rock doesn’t cry for pain, and the stone slab doesn’t lament its woes”

Her stone is thought to possibly originate from the Finnish cup stones; ancient rocks that had holes carved into them for offerings

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