the new collection by svartbysvart.
autumn 2022

this collection is one i have been wanting to do for a long time, and there are many things i would like to say about it.

my collections usually start with finding a fabric which will serve as the foundation for the whole project.
the main cotton fabric i am using for this collection actually came into my life a few years ago, and it has since then been staring at me, just asking to be attended to.

finally i found time and inspiration to create what i wanted.

oscillating between looking at the fabrics and looking inside my mind, i noticed how i was longing back to the harbor and the seaside.
this gave birth to the style of the new collection, incorporating marine-type colors, fishnets, whale components etc etc.

i recently relaunched our physical shop in reykjavik, because i was feeling i am now somewhere at a point where things, times and ideas are transforming,
and where I am preparing for the next leg of my journey in life, at the beginning of chapter 2 you could say.
interestingly, something i did not realize until i was already up to my elbows in this project,
is that the first collection i created to launch the shop in 2019 was inspired and photographed by the same harbor as this one.
it felt emotional somehow. as if life is coming full circle.

the title i chose – satama – is simply the finnish word for harbor, but for me it also sounded like an unknown japanese word,
which made sense, seeing how this collection, and my work in general, has much of “japandi” aesthetics.

this time, many old favorites have been revived and remade in different fabrics and with new details.
this collection is very “me” but also more refined than before.
it is a blend of the natural and emotional, nostalgia, complexity and clarity.

i hope you see what i mean.


all items are unisex and individually made in reykjavik by marko svart.
both main fabrics are  reclaimed.

models: Freyja Fannarsdóttir / dorka csora / shohei akakura
photography, design & tailoring : marko svart
embroidery, on-set assistance : momo hayashi
special thanks to garðar berg guðjónsson

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