Kivutar Haori

49 000 ISK

Kivutar Haori – hand-dyed with rust, iron sulfate and vegetable waste (tannins). Standard haori/kimono cut, with open shoulder slits and a storm flap in the back.


Material: 100% linen
Size: Included in the price is a customization for your size (you will be contacted after purchasing)

The pieces for Yomigæri were inspired by a dress a woman from Eura was buried in, around the year 1000. All we know about the woman is based on archaeological findings and the dress was the first ancient Finnish dress that was fully reconstructed.
We even know the colorants used to dye it because of the fragments of fabric that were conserved by the copper rust from the decorations and jewellery on it.
She was clearly a woman of high social status as evidenced by the abundance of jewellery and expensive pigments, like indigo imported from Asia.

The grave findings of “Euran emäntä”
Reconstruction of the Euran Emäntä costume


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