Kiputyttö (a)

5 000 kr.

Kipukivi (pain stone) hand made from 100% icelandic clay.

Width: 55 mm
Height: 40 mm
Chain length: 62 cm

Icelandic clay
Stainless steel chain

In Finnish mythology, Kiputyttö (The Pain Girl) is a goddess of pain and illness. She is the daughter of Tuoni and Tuonetar, the gods of the Finnish underworld, and is also known as “Tuonentytti”, the girl of Tuoni.

She is said to have a stone (kipukivi) with nine holes, which she uses to create pain. In ancient Finnish spells, you pray for her to remove your pains, putting them back into her stone, chanting:

“Ei kivi kipuja itke, paasi vaivoja valita”

which means
“The rock doesn’t cry for pain, and the stone slab
doesn’t lament its woes”

Her stone is thought to possibly originate from the Finnish cup stones; ancient rocks that had holes carved into them for offerings

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